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Meet the Team

Marcelo Modesto - President and Founder


Since 2007 Marcelo Modesto has been professionally associated with the Pageant industry. He is internationally recognized as a pageant expert and thought leader and has gained an impressive following that includes numerous luminaries as well as past and present pageant winners.  In 2017 Mr. Modesto brought six State titleholders to Miss Grand USA.  Four of his contestants placed and two claimed Winner and First Runner Up.  


As the founder and CEO of Universal Misses Media (UMM), Mr. Modesto is often called upon to provide executive consulting for pageant professionals, judges, contestants, and media outlets. Representing UMM, Mr. Modesto can often be found broadcasting live, on-camera at major pageant events. 


Born in Brazil, Mr. Modesto currently resides in Texas, He is fluent in numerous languages including English, Spanish, and Portuguese and is rapidly becoming proficient in French and Japanese. In his free time he enjoys writing and has authored two books.

Aaron Kongsaysy - Vice President 


Aaron Kongsaysy is currently a senior project manager for an electrical company in Nashville, TN.  He loves traveling, gardening, cooking, spoiling his nieces and nephews.  


He got into pageantry in 2017 when he became the state director for Miss Grand Tennessee.  


You can follow him on Big Lao Family  Youtube channel on his adventures or whip up some yummy Lao/Tha dishes!

Julia Vestal - Director of Operations

Julia Vestal currently in her 30th year with Ford Credit. She is heavily involved with youth sports.


Julia is director Universal Sports League basketball. She enjoys spending time with family, her mini goldendoodles, traveling and photography.


She became involved in pageantry working with KoCo productions before teaming up with Universal Misses Media.

Rose Salinas

A Texas lady, who as a pageant consultant has guided and assisted two daughters and numerous other pageant contestants during the past 14 years in the Miss USA, Miss America, Miss Grand USA, and Miss ECO USA pageant systems in the local, state, and national categories.


Rose was a member for 10 years of the Princess Pocahontas Council pageant, where contestants portrayed Native American tribes, and were presented during the  Washington Birthday Celebrations, a yearly celebration.  Rose is currently running  a ranching business in South Texas, and runs the Alonzo Group Corporation,  a service business. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration.

Amanda Salinas

Amanda works with the Prairie View A&M University Cooperative Extension Program to target limited resource and underserved communities in Tarrant county. The goal is to deliver practical research-based knowledge to small farm producers, families, aspiring entrepreneurs, and youth. Amanda, enjoys teaching the youth about public speaking, interview, and career readiness.


Amanda, is a board member for the Texas Farm Bureau in Webb County, Texas. Amanda has participated in pageants in the past years, and was presented in the Princess Pocahontas pageant in 2008, representing a Native American tribe. Her goal is empower young women and encourage them to explore careers in STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. 

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